Yamaha has introduced the XSR 900 for 2022. In addition to a new and lighter Deltabox frame, the performance screw was also turned.

Yamaha has introduced the XSR 900 for 2022. In addition to a new and lighter Deltabox frame, the performance screw was also turned.


New frame, rims and tank

The new cast aluminum frame offers more torsional rigidity than the frame of the previous model. Better straight-line stability should follow without sacrificing agility. To improve cornering feel, the steering head is now 30 mm lower. Overall, inertia around the longitudinal axis has been reduced by 14%, resulting in precise and controlled cornering.

Another new feature is the aluminum box swingarm, which has been lengthened by 55 mm. This extends the wheelbase to 1,495 mm.

The fuel tank was inspired by the Grand Prix road bikes of the 80s. It is an open design. There are air intakes at the front to improve the engine’s efficiency and also let the rider hear the sound of the intake. The fuel tank holds 15 liters. The fuel cap is designed to further emphasize the racing style.

700 grams have been saved on the new rims, which have been manufactured using Yamaha spinforging technology. The reduction in unsprung masses ensures improved responsiveness and increased agility. At the rear, this has reduced the moment of inertia by 11%.



For the brakes, a new radial Brembo master cylinder was used. The piston of the brake calipers moves parallel to the adjustable brake lever, which should result in precise feedback. The two brake discs at the front have a diameter of 298 mm.



When it comes to lighting, the company relies on LED technology. The rear light was “hidden” under the seat hump.

With the milled upper triple clamp, drilled fork caps, an XSR logo made of aluminum, the stamped aluminum lower plate, the forged foot levers, the black brake fluid reservoir and the handlebar end mirrors, high-quality and sporty components and details have been installed.

New is the 6-axis IMU that supplies assistance systems with the necessary data. The XSR 900 offers a traction caster adjustable in three stages and dependent on lean angle. In addition, there is the anti-wheelie contol, cruise control, quickshifter including blipper and cornering ABS.

Instead of the round LC display, a 3.5-inch TFT color display is now installed.


Performance data

The CP3 engine got a performance update. A longer stroke increases displacement by 43 cc. The now 889 cc in-line three-cylinder has 2.9 kW (4 hp) more power. Max. output is stated as 119 hp at 10,000 rpm and 93 Nm at 7,000 rpm. This means that maximum torque is reached 1,500 rpm earlier than on the predecessor model.


The colors on offer are

Legend Blue with cyan and yellow as well as fork and wheels in gold

Midnight Black with red highlights and fork and controls in black

and a modern interpretation of the unmistakable colors of GP winner Christian Sarron

The new XSR 900 will be in dealerships from April 2022.


XSR900 – Technical Highlights

  • Classically inspired Yamaha racing design
  • High-quality details and premium materials
  • Flexible, relaxed riding position
  • XSR signature LED lighting
  • Hidden rear LED lighting
  • Modern interpretation of historic color scheme
  • Assistance systems, 6-axis IMU
  • Traction Control, Slide Control, Brake Control, Lift Control
  • Versatile, EU5-compliant and high-torque 889 cc CP3 engine
  • Quick Shift System (QSS), Cruise Control System and Anti-Hopping Clutch (A&S)
  • Lightweight CF die-cast delta box frame
  • Lightweight Spinforged wheels
  • High-quality adjustable suspension
  • Dual 298 mm front disc brakes with Brembo master cylinders
  • Forged aluminum foot levers
  • XSR900 specific low frame rear end with folding pillion footpegs
  • Full LED turn signals
  • Handlebar end mirrors
  • Machined upper triple clamp
  • 15 liter fuel tank with race-style filler cap


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