Yamaha temporarily closes plants in Italy and France

Due to the ongoing problems with the Covid-19 pandemic, Yamaha Motor Europe has decided to temporarily suspend production in Italy and France.

Production at the Motori Minarelli Engine Factory in Calderara di Reno (Italy) and the MBK Industrie assembly plant in Saint-Quentin (France) have already been stopped. Both facilities are scheduled to remain closed until March 22nd. Then Yamaha want to reassess the current situation every week.

The temporary closure is for the benefit and reassurance of the workforce. In both countries, social distancing (little contact with other people) is an essential component in the fight against the spread of the virus.

The closure is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the authorities in the respective countries to ensure that the closure does not result in financial disadvantages for employees.


Eric de Seynes, President, Chief Executive Offizier von Yamaha Motor Europe:

“The health of our employees and our social responsibility are our priorities at this stage, which is why we took the decision to suspend production at these two facilities in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,” explained Eric de Seynes, President, Chief Executive Officer of Yamaha Motor Europe. “We also value highly the skills and commitment of a workforce that has shown tremendous loyalty to Yamaha, but now faces an unprecedented situation outside of the workplace. For their peace of mind, we are working to ensure that no employee will lose out financially between now and the return to a stable situation both in Italy and France.”


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