Yamaha teasers new MT for 2021

In a video on YouTube, Yamaha teases out a new MT for 2021. The presentation is already scheduled for October 27. However, it is not yet known which model it will be.


The video shows the logo of the Dark Side of Japan, which stands for the MT models. Also the video style is accordingly dark and fast. You can also see the drop of black mass, which already could be seen in previous Dark Side of Japan videos, and which probably represents something like its essence.

It’s not clear yet if one or more MT models will be updated or if it could be a completely new MT model. Below the video, only #DarkSideofJapan and #HyperNaked can be found, whereas the second hashtag definitely points to a high capacity motorcycle.


Update for the MT-09 or tougher MT-10?

Rumors are talking about an updated MT-09. Very briefly, the front of the bike is dimly displayed. You can recognize a single headlight in the middle, framed by two daytime running lights. So the MT-face will change a bit.

You can also see a piston and a connecting rod, which could indicate changes to the engine. This would fit in with rumors that have recently surfaced, claiming that the MT-09 could get an increase in displacement to compensate for a loss of power due to the conversion to Euro5.

Very briefly, a sketch of the motorcycle can also be seen. The chassis does not match the current MT-09, which could indicate that the model has been completely redesigned, or it could be a completely new MT. Also the license plate holder is no longer attached to the swingarm.

But you should not exclude a stronger MT-10, which should compete with the Kawasaki Z H2 and the Ducati Streetfigher. That would fit to #HyperNaked.


At the presentation on October 27th we will learn more.


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  1. this new headlight looks more like new mt-07, front end looks similar like in “leaked” photos of testing new mt-07… and of course, mt-07 is last MT model without led lights… and also licence plate is mounting exactly same like mt-07… mt-09 is wheel based… so, i think, this is all about mt-07

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