Yamaha brings also for 2022 the R6 as a race track version on the market, besides also again a GYTR version is offered.

Yamaha brings also for 2022 the R6 as a race track version on the market, besides also again a GYTR version is offered.

The R6 as a street version has disappeared from the European market, as it could no longer meet the necessary Euro homologation. However, it is still available for sale as a pure racetrack version without road approval.


Yamaha R6 RACE

At the heart of the R6 RACE is still the familiar 599cc four-cylinder, which is equipped with lightweight forged pistons and titanium valves. Yamaha does not give power figures, so it can be assumed that it will continue to deliver the 118 PS at 14,500 rpm and 65.7 Nm at 10,500 rpm.

The R6 Race is equipped with Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I), Yamaha Chip Controlled Throlle (YCC-T), anti-hopping clutch, close-ratio 6-speed transmission and quickshifter. At the front, a 43 mm KYB upside-down fork damps and at the rear the KYB shock absorber, both fully adjustable.

The R6 Race is offered exclusively in Tech Black with gold fork.


Yamaha R6 GYTR

The Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing version of the R6 is sold exclusively through GYTR Pro Shops. It is aimed at hobby racers to licensed riders and has been upgraded with numerous racing components.

The Racing wiring harness saves weight, the Superstock ECU is programmable via an interface, the Akrapovic titanium racing exhaust system produces a maximum of 100 dB, otherwise there are covers for the air intake system to remove various hoses and components in the intake area, Racing sprockets with a special 520 chain, steel braided brake lines and a GYTR ABS emulator that allows the removal of the ABS system.

The carbon fiber reinforced GRP racing fairing comes with a white primer.

The ignition lock is omitted, and starting is by push-button.


There are currently five GYTR Pro stores in Europe, but Yamaha would like to expand the network. Delivery is planned for January 2022, the price has not yet been announced.


R6 GYTR – technical highlights

– GYTR Racing fairing set

– Akrapovič racing exhaust system

– GYTR ECU set

– GYTR wiring harness set

– GYTR interface cable

– GYTR on/off switch

– GYTR air intake elements

– GYTR ABS emulator

– GYTR keyless fuel cap

– GYTR seat pad

– Steel braided brake lines for front and rear brakes

– GYTR footrest system, adjustable

– Optional kit for inverted shifting scheme

– Rear sprocket guard (chain fin)

– Handbrake lever guard

– DID racing chain, pitch 520

– sprocket 15 teeth / sprocket 46 teeth

– Sprocket nut set for 520 chain

– Hook for paddock stand

– Paddock stand


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