As expected, Yamaha also brings a new MT-125 for 2020 on the market in addition to the new MT-03. Just before Yamaha introduced the MT-03, Yamaha UK posted a picture showing an MT with a note to October 16th. Since the presentation of the MT-03 was already before and the silhouette in the picture turned out quite narrow, it could only be the new 125cc.

Yamaha MT-125 for 2020 presented


The new model comes with a new, even more powerful high-tech engine. From the YZF-R125, the Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) was derived. It should provide for more peak power and a strong torque in the low to medium speed range. It has two intake cams each with a rocker arm. At speeds above 7,400 rpm, a solenoid valve switches from the lower cam to the upper one.

The maximum speed is 10,000 rpm, which is 1,000 more than the predecessor engine.

Also, the gearbox has been revised.


For smooth shifts from high speeds to a lower gear provides an anti-hopping clutch. It ensures that the rear wheel can not stamp or block when downshifting. With support, the clutch is now easier to use, making for a more comfortable ride, especially in the city where one have a lot to couple.

Active posture

The smaller tank and a new, tight-fitting seat results in a slightly different sitting posture, which should make it easier to use the body correctly while driving. For a more upright seating position, the footpegs were moved further forward.

New cockpit

The new LCD cockpit shows the information in white on a dark background. The driven speed is displayed digitally, above it is a tachometer as a bar graph. There are two trip meters, a reserve kilometer counter, a clock, an average fuel consumption indicator, one for the average speed and when the ignition is activated, one is greeted nicely.

Frame, suspension, damping

The wheelbase has been shortened by 30 mm to 1,325 mm. With the new Deltabox frame, a revised steering geometry and the new aluminum rocker, the center of mass has been optimized. A sportier and more agile driving should be achieved.

The new swingarm is lighter than its predecessor and gets through special ribs inside the necessary strength. It was designed for a widened rear tire (140).

Steamed is a central strut and a 41mm upside-down fork. The travel is 130 mm.

At the front a 292 mm large brake disc was installed. Delay will occur along with the radially mounted caliper.

It will be available from December 2019.

Colors: Ice Fluo, Icon Blue and Tech Black.


Main features of the MT-125

  • New 125 cc engine with variable valve timing
  • Anti-hopping clutch with support
  • Modern and aggressive, new design
  • Two slanted position lights; LED headlights
  • 41 mm upside-down fork
  • New Deltabox frame and new aluminum swingarm
  • Wider 140er rear tire
  • Powerful, radially mounted front brake caliper
  • Large front brake disc with 292mm diameter
  • Modern LCD cockpit, white indicators on dark background
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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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