Wunderkind Custom is currently working on an Indian Complete Custom Project. First, the Newchurch Three conversion kit for the Indian Scout Bobber was completed.

The kit consists of fenders, struts incl. Light-units and adjustable bobber seat.

The rear fender made of sturdy sheet steel comes in a shortened form and is unpainted and supplied with mounting hardware.

The two three-dimensionally shaped retaining struts, which serve to fasten the fender, are black-glossy plastic-coated. At the ends of the struts are 3D milled housings with integrated LED flashing and taillights. The attachment takes place at the existing mounting points of the swingarm. The cables of the lighting are led down to the swingarm within the support struts and are therefore not visible.


The set includes a battery compartment and frame cover made of stainless steel, which was plastic-coated in “black-fine structure”. The massive seat holder was milled from high-strength aluminum and anodized. The forged seat plate was coated.

The comfort seat has a diamond quilting and a 3D mesh insert. It is about 40 mm wider than the original and can be adjusted by 45 mm to the rear. The seat height is about 70 cm. By form and position should result in a relaxed driving. At the far end the CNC-milled seat emblem “WUNDERKIND-Custom” is attached.


The Newchurch Three conversion kit can only be mounted in conjunction with a side license plate holder. Wunderkind also has a corresponding holder in theyr program, but it is not part of the kit.


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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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