Wings of Ducati are legal

In addition to the victory Ducati may also retain the attachments.

Wings of Ducati are legal

As reported the Ducati bikes of MotoGP drove at the opening race in Qatar with attachments to the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel, which should serve the tire cooling. Andrea Dovizioso won the race just ahead of Marc Marquez.

Four teams saw in the carbon extensions an illegal aerodynamic component and therefore protested. Ducati said that they only serve the tire cooling. The protest was denied and the four teams appealed.

At the reconsultation, the Court of Appeal upheld the decision of Technical Director Danny Aldridge. – The attachments are legal. Dovi can keep his victory and Ducati continues to use the “wings”.

Honda, Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia could appeal again to the International Court of Justice CAS within five days. This is unlikely. More likely, you will soon see the “wings” in other teams as well.

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