Vyrus Alyen – motorcycle from another world

The Italian motorcycle workshop from Rimini is currently working on an optically very unusual motorcycle. They combine axle steering with the Ducati 1.285 Superquadro V-Twin.


Polarizing optics

If you look at the pictures of the Alyen, then the motorcycle really knows how to please in the view from behind or from the side. From the front, the Alyen shows the potential that does not come from this world. The rather small headlight was framed by extremely large aerodynamic components.

On the one hand there is the extremely wide side fairing, which is supposed to provide contact pressure at the front and oversized hand protectors, which should increase the pressure even more.


Axle steering and Ducati engine

The Vyrus Alyen could be seen as a direct competitor of the Tesi H2. Both models use a second swing arm on the front and axle steering. The engine of the Tesi H2 comes from the Kawasaki H2. The 205 PS Ducati Superquadro V-Twin was transplanted into the Italian sports bike.

As in the Tesi H2, a lot of carbon is used in the Alyen. The carbon wheels come from Rotobox and also the fairing is made of the light but high-strength material. The frame is made of magnesium.

At the rear, the rim is on a single-arm swing arm.

Braking is done with Brembo. The GP4 series was used. Unfortunately, the pictures do not show where the suspension elements come from, so far there are no official data on them. They probably come from Öhlins, although these components will probably be installed according to customer requirements.

A price or an availability date is currently missing, but that much exclusivity should also have its price.


Technical data of the Vyrus Alyen:

  • Engine Type: Ducati  four-stroke  two-cylinders  L-shaped 90° desmodromic drive
  • Bore: 116 mm
  • Stroke: 8 mm
  • Displacement: 1285 cc
  • Compression Ratio: 11,3 : 1
  • Lubrication System: Forced by gear pump
  • Cooling System: Water-cooled
  • Power: 205 PS @ 10.500 rpm
  • Gearbox: 6 speed
  • Clutch: Wet clutch
  • Fuel Injection: Electronic Injection
  • Front Suspension: Push Rod Twin Pivot Vyrus
  • Rear Suspension: Push Rod Twin Pivot Vyrus
  • Frame: Vyrus Magnesium double omega design combined with a self supporting composite body
  • Steering System: Vyrus Hydraulic Wired Steering System
  • Caster angle: 17° to 25°
  • Trail: 84 mm to 112 mm
  • Front Tire: 120/70 ZR 17
  • Rear Tire: 200/60 ZR17
  • Fuel Tank capacity: 11 lt
  • Wheelbase: 1575 mm


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