The Triumph mid-range Enduro models have been completely redeveloped. In addition to the basic version, there are two rally and two GT variants, so there will come five new Tiger models to the market.

New engine with larger displacement

The engine has been expanded to 888cc. The new firing order (1-3-2) should provide a better response and also offers a characteristic sound. The performance remains unchanged at 95 hp, but now Euro5 compliant. The maximum power is reached at 8,750 rpm, which is 750 revs earlier than the previous model.

The GT and Rally variants can be throttled in accordance with A2.



The anti-hopping clutch is servo-assisted. The top models are equipped with shift assistant incl. Blipper (up and down without clutch).

Braking is done with Brembo Stylma calipers and two 320 brake discs on the front. At the rear a 255 disc is mounted.

Lighting is based on LED technology. The TFT display offers various connectivity features, e.g. to connect with the smartphone. The mobile phone can then be stored in an extra compartment with USB charging socket while driving.


The tubular steel frame has been redeveloped. The seat has been designed narrower and can be adjusted by 20 mm in height. This results in a seat height of 760 to 780 mm. Optionally, there is also a lowering kit, with which one can lower the seat height to 710 mm.


Differences between the Tiger 900, Tiger 900 GT and Tiger 900 Rally

The Tiger 900 is equipped with ABS. The Tiger 900 GT and Rally also get cornering ABS and traction control. Depending on the model, there are also up to six different driving modes.

Depending on the model, the weight is 192 to 201 kg.


The Tiger 900 is the basic model, the Pro versions are designed for travel on asphalt. They are equipped with 19 inch front wheels (100/90 19 “).

The rally variants are designed for real enduro rides. They are equipped with 21 inch tubeless tires (90/90 21 “) on spoked wheels. At the rear wheel all have the size 150/70 17 “.


There are also differences in the spring elements. For the GT and the basic version, the components come from Marzocchi. The upside-down fork is adjustable in preload and rebound. The travel is 180mm. The strut is adjustable in the basic version only in the preload. The GT version also has a rebound adjustment. The strut of the Pro is electrically controlled.

In the rally versions Showa spring elements are installed. The 45mm upside-down fork is fully adjustable and offers 240mm of travel. The strut has a travel of 230 mm and is adjustable in preload and rebound.


Market launch and price

For sale are the five Triumph Tiger 900 models from February 2020. So far, only the base price of the basic version has been announced, it is 11,350 € plus utilities in the amount of 450 €.

There are over 65 accessories available from the factory, with which one can customize the tiger even further.


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