Officially, Triumph has announced with a video an upcoming Thruxton RS to be featured on the Eicma. There will also be a third TFC model, but the announcement was handled very discreetly.

Third Triumph TFC motorcycle will be presented at the Eicma

TFC stands for Triumph Factory Customs, these are strictly limited custom bikes that the motorcycle manufacturer offers from factory. In addition to the Thruxton TFC and the Rocket 3, a third model will be available soon.

On the country websites of Triumph can be found a picture of the two available TFC models under the section “Triumph Factory Custom”. A third model in the picture is veiled. Also the date 05. November can be seen, the opening day of the Eicma.

Which model will receive an ex-factory refining is not yet known. Rumors speak of the Bobber, as an upgraded version has ever been seen in tests.

It is safe to assume that the brakes and suspension will be upgraded. Also, a weight reduction and slightly increased performance would be well possible, as it was handled in the Thruxton as synonymous.

Presumably, the bobber will then be strictly limited again.


Anstehende Veranstaltungen

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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