In an unexpected phone call during his Iceland vacation, the new owner of a Honda Sabaku learns that he has won an artfully redesigned motorcycle at Glemseck 101. What makes it so special: This motorcycle was built by young people at Seehaus Leonberg, a facility for juvenile offenders.

An unexpected phone call in the land of geysers

Imagine you are in Iceland and suddenly find out that you have won a motorcycle.  That’s exactly what happened to the proud new owner of the Honda Sabaku that was raffled off at this year’s Glemseck 101 event hosted by Seehaus e.V..  For the winner, the reality of the motorcycle in front of him is even more fascinating than the photos ever could have been.


A motorcycle becomes art

The origin of this unique piece lies in a machine provided by Honda Germany, a CL 500. With great attention to detail and a lot of working time, the motorcycle was converted into a real eye-catcher in the workshop of Glemseck Moto and some young people from Seehaus Leonberg – a free-form institution for young offenders.  The color?  An expressive sandy beige.


About the conversion: Technical finesse and masterly craftsmanship

David Wolf of Glemseck Moto explains that several sponsors, including Honda, supported this special project.  The bike was extensively modified: In addition to the fairing, which even elegantly integrates the radiator and ensures that waste heat is efficiently dissipated, the machine has received a number of other upgrades.  Technical aids such as a scanning process by sponsor C.S.P. enabled the fairing to be designed efficiently.  After scanning, engineer Arne Schaarschuh took over the precise fitting of the components.

The final product also impresses with its ergonomics: a lower handlebar optimizes the seating position and provides a sportier feel.  Furthermore, the machine is adorned with a handmade, dark brown seat made of natural cowhide.  The lighting system comes from Kellermann and includes LED taillights and small LED turn signals.  A custom-made rear muffler from Hattech provides the right sound.  And because you never know where the adventure journey will take you, the bikes were fitted with chunky K60 Ranger tires from Heidenau.


40,000 people and a motorcycle for a good cause

This year’s Glemseck 101 attracted around 40,000 motorcycle enthusiasts to the famous race track between Stuttgart and Leonberg.  Not only the fun of riding, but also a charitable background characterized the event.  The raffle tickets for the custom bike were handed out in exchange for voluntary donations, which went entirely to the six victim and trauma counseling centers in Baden-Württemberg that Seehaus e.V. operates.


Elvira Pfleiderer, who is in charge of victim and trauma counseling at Seehaus e.V., explains: “We are very pleased that the raffle has made many people aware of the important work done in our victim and trauma counseling centers.  And have supported us so generously with their donations.”


Twenty years of commitment and the prospect of more

Seehaus e.V. is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, providing comprehensive support for victims of crime and people who have suffered trauma as a result of various life events.  A raffle for a good cause is planned again for next year as part of Glemseck 101.  Those who would like to participate in the project can find more information on the website of Seehaus e.V.


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