Suzuki's upcoming GSX-8R is revealed by surfaced UN-ECE type approval documents: not only does it share many technical details with the established GSX-8S model, but it also promises improved aerodynamics and top speed.

Suzuki’s one-two punch: GSX-8R and GSX-8S

It’s been rumored for a while, and now it’s confirmed: Suzuki is expanding the lineup of its 800cc platform.  With the introduction of the GSX-8R, the Japanese manufacturer follows in the footsteps of the already established GSX-8S model.  The UN-ECE type approval documents already reveal many technical details of the GSX-8R, which is scheduled for launch in 2024.


Technical refinements

The GSX-8R benefits from the technological foundation of the GSX-8S.  With an engine that delivers a whopping 83 hp (about 82 hp or 61 kW) at 8,500 rpm and 78 Nm of torque at 6,800 rpm, Suzuki stays true to its lineage.  Interestingly, despite similar performance figures, the GSX-8R shows a higher top speed of 215 km/h, compared to the 210 km/h of the GSX-8S.  The secret?  Improved aerodynamics due to the additional fairing.


Dimensions and weight: a touch different

Although the new model shares many components with the GSX-8S, there are small but subtle differences.  Weighing 205 kg (approximately 452 lbs), the GSX-8R is only 3 kg heavier than the GSX-8S.  The height is slightly taller at 1,135 mm, while the width has been reduced by 5 mm to 770 mm.  The wheelbase, however, remains unchanged at 1,465 mm, indicating that the chassis was taken directly from the GSX-8S.


The look: New fairing and more

While the rear of the GSX-8R is likely to be identical to that of the GSX-8S, the front is likely to be complemented by a new fairing.  Whether it will be a full race-style fairing or a half fairing is unknown at this time.


Competitiveness: Suzuki versus Yamaha

The GSX-8R clearly competes with the Yamaha R7, especially in terms of engine and power.  Suzuki has the edge here with 776 cubic centimeters, 83 hp (about 82 hp or 61 kW) and 78 Nm, while the Yamaha R7 offers 689 cubic, 73 hp (about 72 hp or 54 kW) and 67 Nm.  However, what makes up for the Yamaha in the data is its significantly lower weight of 188 kg (about 414 lbs).



With the as-yet-unofficial announcement of the GSX-8R, Suzuki confirms its intention to enter the highly competitive affordable sportbike segment.  The technical specifications and initial information bode well for an exciting 2024, when Suzuki will unveil the official details of its new model lineup.


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