It is always spoken of speeders. speed cameras marathon to catch the speeders … Flashed but even if someone is driving 10 km / h too fast. Is it because there already a speeders ??? If you take it exactly then do not rush the most speeders:

What are speeders?

Bike Music Weekend 2014 Geiselwind 1In my opinion, goes racing going on where you go disproportionately quickly, and are beginning to endanger others. This to get right to the point is extremely difficult, because it is always dependent on the situation. smiley emoticons idea2

For very heavy traffic, possibly by many pedestrians, a speed within the allowable range may already be much too much.

81bd5c7746bf0b8e1f173e16ba3c1696The other way around it is the same. Within a city (in an industrial area, at night, straight line, possibly even two lanes in one direction, with allowable 50) endanger you can also times 100 km / h without even someone in the slightest.

Who is now the speeders? The driving past the school allowed 50 km / h? although it does not allow the traffic almost? or is traveling at night in the industrial area? smiley emoticons confusednew

One must generally the speed adjust to the circumstances … Is clear, but why always only applies in one direction ??? smiley emoticons ugly

Many speeders do not race

8f8389f120d00ae540cf59ae75a55dc2Who does not know, you drive a curvy road. Allows 100 km / h. The one creates not because of the curves, but it is making rapid advances. “speeders!” -Why? It is even in the permitted range! smiley emoticons irre

[sam id=2 codes=true]Often you will be solely because of the loud engine noise (typical screeching at four cylinders) perceived as faster than you really are. “It’s loud, the races … And In addition, the motorcyclists always rush anyway and are all too loud … All criminals” smiley emoticons aufsmaul

There are often among the motorcyclists do not even understand

Motorrad Festival PS Tuner GrandPrix 2014 Hockenheim 13But it is not only the “non-motorcycle rider” the “race” misinterpret. The motorcyclists themselves are often no better, although they think that they know better.

Most people go out of your driving skills and transfer it to anyone else. Departs someone faster than you is often the mere fact already for speeders. It depends on your motorbike extremely on the actual driving skills. Sure, we can all go. Comparing our driving skills but with a professional, then we are all but absolute beginners … smiley emoticons rolleyesnew

1.Mai Motorradtreffen in Nürnberg - Um ca. 9 Uhr - es ist noch n bissl was frei an der Tanke, viele parken aber schon auf dem StandstreifenA few weeks ago someone mentioned my article about the war on street in a forum. It was only a link in the “interesting articles” set. This is a forum member apparently encountered the knee slider instructions and immediately wrote a little story about how he “as a” just recently told unasked at the gas station they had was to ease his or her driver’s license and never again be the same. Of such a type he wants to get not even donated organs. smiley emoticons motz

I have no problem with the statement, because everyone may indeed have his opinion, but I think it is a good example of the lack of understanding what affects driving ability. With a slope off you are often safer on the road than without, because you avoid inclined position. This is absolutely unthinkable for some.

Krieg auf der Straße (5)I want to say that just because a faster than oneself up, it still comfortably can still be on the road (by his standards). There must be nothing dangerous it absolutely! Even if you can not imagine that this is so! smiley emoticons nicken

The driving ability is simply extremely important here. In the driving school I’m already gone to the green strip at probably 15 degree inclined position, just because the view guide was wrong. Today I ride the curve with much more speed and inclined position, and there is absolutely no danger from the curve out to fly … My at that time the I would my present I probably will keep for a speeders … smiley emoticons ugly

speeders be criminalized and what follows?

Braapaholics Herbsttour 2014 12In the media, the word is often used and speeders rushing operated. The flash actions will justify it because you “only” on speeders’s all. Who among you considers himself as a speeders? Who of you has already been flashed? A little carelessness may be enough and you’re falling into the speed trap. smiley emoticons doh

Bike & Music Weekend 2014 GeiselwindRadar controls were easily recognized as a lucrative business and this must now be justified, of course. So it creates the image of the evil speeders, before whom all must be protected. Fear is to be a good remedy for unpopular things look better or to enforce … smiley emoticons twistedevil1

The consequences are speed cameras in places where it is most deserved, and not where it makes the most sense. smiley emoticons irre

Schraeglagenbilder (2)There are areas in which in every village a permanently installed speed cameras is. Most even two or three. As you turn through if you are traveling in such an area. The allowed to drive 50 km / h is impossible there. Most brakes simultaneously on 30 to be sure not flashed … smiley emoticons wallbash

Whether this is the right way should be reconsidered times …

What I’m saying …

1.Mai Motorradtreffen in Nürnberg
Langsam wirds voller. Ab der Kreuzung bis fast zur Autobahn ist alles vollgeparkt

Only … the speed makes a not for speeders, even if it is often so represented. Single speeding does not mean that other equally endangered. However, if you shared the oncoming lane (in curves) or astray overtaking subtracting, it looks different. You should just always go with mind … blank

To denote alone speeding race as I do not think is right and not for particularly dangerous (corresponding skills required). smiley emoticons seb zunge

Bike & Music Weekend 2014 GeiselwindMuch more dangerous are the driver even though they snore absolute, yet the curves intersect as they were on the track. Of which really goes from a serious danger, even though they are slow on the go. smiley emoticons zensiertnew

So please always stay on their own side of the road !!! Thank you !!!



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