The special model "CBR250RR SP Quick Shifter Garuda x Samurai" was just released on the Indonesian market. The bike is very strictly limited.


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The special model “CBR250RR SP Quick Shifter Garuda x Samurai” was just released on the Indonesian market. The bike is very strictly limited.

Because of its looks the little sportsbike could win some fans worldwide, even if the model is not sold at all on the American or European market. The 250cc bike now gets a special paint job.


Garuda x Samurai

Only 75 units will be equipped with the special paint scheme created in honour of the 75th anniversary of Indonesian independence.

The left side of the motorcycle was painted with the representation of the mythical Garuda bird. Garuda can be found in the Hindu as well as in the Buddhist tradition and therefore can be found in art throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia. The bird is also the national symbol of Indonesia. In addition, other cultural details of Indonesia can be found on the fairing.


On the right side you can see the image of a Samurai Sengoku commander, together with Sakura flowers, which are an omnipresent cultural symbol of Japan.

During the Second World War and between 1942 and 1945, Japan occupied what was then known as the Dutch East Indies, which later became Indonesia. At the time of Japan’s capitulation, what is now Indonesia declared its independence for the first time.


Small sportsbike with best equipment

As the name suggests, the special edition of the CBR250RR is equipped with a Quick Shifter. It also got an assist and slipper clutch. Basically, however, this is the recently updated model with a special paint scheme.

The bike is priced at 77.7 million rupees, which is equivalent to about 4,500 Euros or 5,260 USD.

The small sports bike is also available in Bravery Mat Red, Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, Black Freedom, Bravery Red Black and Honda Racing Red, although some colours are only equipped with ABS and of course the special paintwork is missing. There are also differences in price.


The special model was only reworked optically. It is still powered by the 250cc two-cylinder engine, which produces 41 PS at 13,000 rpm and 25 Nm at 11,000 rpm.


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