Sink SK400 also for the global market?

Chinese manufacturers are pushing more and more into the global market, on the other hand more and more western brands are entering into cooperations with Chinese companies. The result is affordable motorcycles equipped with decent components and sold at affordable prices.


One possible Chinese candidate that could be interesting for other markets would be the Sink SK400. The naked bike is equipped with a 378 cc parallel twin from CFMoto and produces around 36 hp. The SK400 is equipped with ABS as standard, but otherwise with rather simple technology.


Visually, the SK400 is somewhat reminiscent of the Kawasaki Z400, but for the most part shows an independent design. The large air intakes on the side make it look sportier than the 36 hp finally allow. The brown seat, in combination with the side-mounted number plate and the short rear muffler even create a rather noble impression.


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