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Rossi wants wings in front of the rear wheel

The device in front of the rear wheel to the MotoGP Ducatis provided a lot of conversation. Ducati was allowed for tire cooling. In advance, however, a similar part was prohibited Suzuki, as they wanted to produce downforce.

In the meantime, it has even been decided by a court and the device of Ducati was classified as compliant. How absurd the argument is whether the device is allowed or not, showed Honda very impressive. They asked for permission from a similar wing, but called aerodynamic reasons for it. It was not allowed. Shortly thereafter, they asked for permission again, this time for tire cooling, with the result that they could use it in the future. Sounds strange, but it is. However, the experts agree that the device produces downforce.

Honda has used it, except for test purposes, but not yet.

Valentino Rossi now also wants a device in front of the rear tire. Yamaha was, in fact, the creator of the controversial part. In Valencia 2018 saw a similar part for the first time on the M1. However, there was the purpose of preventing as much water as possible from the tire.

Vale puts pressure on Yamaha to get an appropriate device, because a cooler tire could help him in the race. It could have a positive effect on grip and tire wear.

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