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Honda Marks 30th Anniversary as Presenting Partner of Ride for Kids

Ride for Kids is America’s longest charity motorcycle ride. The money raised is intended to support children suffering from brain tumors and fight cancer. Presentation partner is this year for the 30th time the motorcycle manufacturer Honda again.


Several million dollars have been raised over the past 30 years to benefit children with cancer. So far, there have been several local rides, on different days. After only being able to hold the 2020 event online due to the pandemic, this year they want to hold all the rides together on Sept. 12th. In this way, they want to draw more attention to the campaign and thus also collect more donations.


Honda has been supporting #rideforkids for 30 years. “Since the first event/ride in 1991, #Honda knew that this was a perfect match—motorcyclists around the country getting together and raising money to help support the cure for childhood brain cancer. It’s a way for the on-road and off-road riding communities to team up for an important cause. One aspect of the #Honda Philosophy is to be a company society wants to exist, and our partnering with the PBTF on #rideforkids provides us the opportunity to keep strong bonds with society,” says Chuck Boderman, Vice President of General Administration, American #Honda.


To increase giving, participants and fundraisers can win Honda motorcycles, ATVs or other items.

The campaign is also supported by local businesses. For more information and to donate, visit www.rideforkids.org.


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Honda Marks 30th Anniversary as Presenting Partner of Ride for Kids
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