A minor production defect in certain BMW R 1250 models is causing a distinctive gasoline odor that can be traced to a "sweating" part in the fuel distributor.

BMW motorcycles: product recall

In March 2023, a production problem occurred in some BMW R 1250 motorcycles that could lead to a fuel leak.  The models specifically affected were the R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adventure, R 1250 RT, R 1250 R and R 1250 RS, which rolled off the production line between March 2 and March 16, 2023.


What’s the problem?

A small but crucial production error was present in a supplied part for the pressure sensor in the fuel distributor.  This part was installed in the affected motorcycles during a period of approximately two weeks.  Parts installed before or after this time period were not affected by the production defect and did not cause any leaks.

It is interesting to note that so far there has been no visible fuel leakage.  Rather, the affected part exhibited “sweating,” meaning that very small amounts of gasoline leaked and evaporated quickly.  This behavior resulted in the affected motorcycles emitting a distinct gasoline odor.


Environmental protection is a concern

The EU Commission classified the recall as environmental rather than safety-related.  The reason is that the evaporating gasoline could potentially contribute to environmental pollution, a condition that is not compatible with existing regulations.  Since the introduction of the Euro 4 standard in 2017, motorcycles have even been equipped with activated carbon filters for gasoline tank ventilation to minimize hydrocarbon emissions.


How is BMW dealing with the situation?

As soon as the problem was identified, BMW issued a recall for all affected motorcycles and sent notifications to registered customers.  The scale was relatively limited, as the problem only occurred in a production period of about two weeks.  Two cases were confirmed in France and 25 in Germany.

In a so-called “technical action,” BMW asked affected owners to visit a workshop to replace the faulty part with a correct one.  The cost of this action was covered by BMW.


What can drivers do?

For European drivers, it is advisable to keep an eye on the situation.  If anything seems suspicious, especially a gasoline smell, the nearest authorized BMW dealer should be contacted.  It is also advisable for non-European drivers living in areas where this recall notification has not been issued to remain vigilant.

A quick inspection of the motorcycle should be performed before each ride – it’s not glamorous, but it helps ensure that everything is in top condition and that riding enjoyment is maintained.


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