Suzuki has unveiled the revised GSX-S 1000 for 2021. In addition to the engine and chassis, the styling has also been revised.

Suzuki has unveiled the revised GSX-S 1000 for 2021. In addition to the engine and chassis, the styling has also been revised.


New radical design

With the new design, Suzuki wants to emphasize the power and performance potential, as well as the agility of the naked bike. The fairing at the front has been given a minimalist design. The headlight unit consists of two rows of hexagonal LED headlights.

The narrow front blends into a wide tank. The volume has been increased to 19 liters, which also offers a longer range. The rear end is narrower than before.

The handlebar offers a wider grip width and revised cranking to reduce effort when steering, improve controllability and counter fatigue. Combined with the redesigned seat, the result is a comfortable, upright riding position.


Revised engine with Euro5

The 999cc inline four cylinder has been optimized and adapted for Euro5. Power delivery in the low-to-mid rpm band, which is used most in daily riding, has been made more powerful.

The exhaust and intake cam profiles have been flattened to reduce valve lift as well as valve lift overlap. The layout of the airbox and also the exhaust system have been completely redesigned.

The engine produces 152 PS at 11,000 rpm. This means that the power output increases by 2 PS and it revs 1,000 rpm higher than before. However, the engine loses two Newton meters in torque. 106 Nm is available at 9,250 rpm.


Assistance systems

The Suzuki GSX-S1000 is equipped with ride-by-wire. Thanks to the new throttle body, the adapted diameter and a 32-bit ECM, the throttle control is said to respond even more sensitively. Full engine power is available in all three riding modes, with only response and torque characteristics adjusted.

Traction control can be adjusted in five stages to suit a wide range of road conditions. There is also the option to disable it completely.

The GSX-S1000 is equipped with quickshifter including blipper function, which means that you can shift up and down the gears without using the clutch and almost without interrupting the pull.

In the process, the slipper clutch ensures smooth deceleration by specifically mitigating the effect of the engine brake when downshifting. When accelerating, the new assist function increases the clutch contact force, allowing the use of softer springs, which in turn results in clutch operation that requires much less hand force.

With the Suzuki Easy-Start system, a quick push of the starter button is all that is needed to start the motorcycle. Holding the starter is no longer necessary.


Chassis and suspension

The chassis has been revised and, according to Suzuki, has been uncompromisingly designed for rideability and optimum controllability. The backbone here is a twin-spar aluminum frame, whose layout is to combine a rich road holding with agile handling. In a sporty driving style, the extremely torsion-resistant aluminum swingarm is to convey even more confidence.

The 43mm KYB upside-down fork offers 120mm of travel. It is adjustable in spring preload as well as rebound and compression damping.

At the rear, the central shock offers 130mm of travel. It is adjustable in rebound damping and spring preload. The six-spoke wheels are factory-fitted with Dunlop Sportmax.



LED technology is used for the lighting all around. The cockpit consists of an LCD screen. The extensive displays can be individually configured.

If you want to individualize your GSX-S1000, you can choose from a wide range of original accessories, whether it’s a matter of visuals, optimizations for your own riding style, or focusing on application priorities.


Colors and availability

Three color options are offered: Metalic Triton Blue, Glass Mat Mechanical Grey and Glass Sparkle Black.. It should be in dealers’ showrooms from June 2021.


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