The days of ridiculing the introduction of a Chinese-made sports motorcycle with a four-cylinder engine are long gone.  QJMotor, one of the fastest growing motorcycle brands in China, is expanding its lineup with a brand new 800cc model, the SRK 800RR.

SRK 800RR: A new star in the motorcycle sky?

This new model carries the company’s third four-cylinder engine.  The first was the SRK 600RR, the first motorcycle made entirely in China with a four-cylinder, launched in 2020.  Its engine was originally designed by Benelli, another brand of the Qianjiang Group, which includes QJMotor.


Honda-like design with QJMotor touch.

Powered by an all-new engine, the SRK 800RR shares some design similarities with the Honda CBR650R.  But while the design seems inspired by the Honda, the engine goes its own way.  With a longer stroke than the CBR650R, the SRK 800RR achieves a displacement of 778cc compared to the Honda’s 649cc.  The frame construction is also very similar to the CBR650R, but is made of pressed steel rather than aluminum.

The similarities stop there, however.  The SRK 800RR is by no means a mere copy of the Honda.  QJMotor has proven to have made significant modifications to the engine, as evidenced by their patents.  As a result, the 800RR achieves a peak power output of around 101 hp (about 102 hp, 75 kW), about 7 hp (about 7 hp, 5 kW) more than the CBR650R.


High-quality equipment and components

The SRK 800RR features branded components such as Brembo four-piston radial calipers with ABS, and the suspension is most likely branded Marzocchi.  Qianjiang and Marzocchi formed a joint venture in 2021 to manufacture Marzocchi components in China, so it seems only logical to use those components on the QJMotor models.

The 800RR boasts other impressive specifications.  The fully-fueled weight is 207 kg (456 pounds), and the top speed is listed at 220 km/h, which seems quite conservative.  The wheel and tire combination is 120/70ZR-17 up front and 180/55ZR-17 in the rear.


QJMotor expands

Although the availability of the SRK 800RR outside of China will not be clear until after its official launch in the third quarter of this year, it is already known that QJMotor is exporting motorcycles to the U.S. and Europe.  The range includes a number of models.  So there is a good chance that the SRK 800RR will also find its way.


Current trends meet classic aesthetics

The SRK 800RR is a real eye-catcher and fits perfectly into the current picture of sports motorcycle trends.  With headlights framed by air intakes on the nose, multi-faceted winglets on the side panels and a compact, tall tail, its style clearly echoes the look of the yet-to-be-unveiled QJMotor 1000RR, (images of the 1000cc version were leaked earlier this year).

The 1000RR is heavily influenced by MV Agusta parts after Qianjiang and MV reached an agreement that gives the Chinese company access to MV’s 1000cc four-cylinder engine.  According to QJMotor’s new model schedule, the 1000RR is expected to be officially unveiled toward the end of 2023.


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