Police use drones to stop illegal off-road riders

Police in the United Kingdom are now using drones to search rural areas for motorcyclists who are illegally riding off-road.

The U.K. has about 3,140,000 acres of forest, nearly 70 percent of which is privately owned. Not every owner is comfortable with strangers riding their motorcycles or quad bikes on their property. But even in public forests, it’s illegal to ride a motorcycle through the terrain.


Drones to prevent escape

Police are now using drones to apprehend drivers in question. In Nottinghamshire, an illegal off-road ride even threatens confiscation of the motorcycle. Confiscated motorcycles then end up in the shredder and will thus be destroyed.

In other countries, too, the police are now using drones in a wide variety of areas, in some cases also for normal traffic monitoring.


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