The tightened club-law in Germany has ensured that various motorcycle clubs are no longer allowed to wear their club logos. It is enough if individual chapters of a club were banned in order not to be allowed to carry the logo of the club all over Germany, even if you actually belong to another chapter.

Not only in Germany the colors are taken away from the clubs

It is similar in America now, at least when it comes to a first court decision.
Almost ten years have been investigated against the Mongols Motorcycle Club for suspected drug trafficking and murder. The club was infiltrated by ATF (United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) agents, four of whom managed to become full members. Another four female agents pretended to be their friends.

The court found the Mongols guilty

In a trial, the jury of the US District Court in Santa Ana has now found the Mongol Nation (also known as the club) guilty of “racketeering and conspiracy.”

The punishment that the club gets is unique in American history so far, the club is deprived of intellectual property – so their logo is no longer theirs. This is the first time that a punishment involves the deprivation of intellectual property, even though the crime had nothing to do with intellectual property. This will allow police officers to confiscate the colors of any Mongols member. Policemen could therefore stop a member at any time and remove his habit.

Judgment has yet to be confirmed

The loss of the logo for the Mongols must, however, still be confirmed by a federal judge. Whether this will decide that way is not yet certain. It is possible that the penalty would be changed to a fine.

The Mongol defender openly posed the question, “If you were a police officer and knew that there was a gang nearby that had emblems identifying them as members, why in God’s name should you take their emblems away from them? then no longer knew who belonged to it? – It’s the dumbest thing in the world “
In addition, he also argued in court that it is an association that does not tolerate criminal activity and no gang. The crimes of individuals should not result in group condemnation.

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