New Yamaha XSR900 for 2021

Although some new models for 2021 have already been presented, there are still a few models whose updates are still pending. Among them is also the Yamaha XSR900.


Common basis

The current XSR900 is basically an MT-09 with a retro look. Since the MT-09 has received a complete makeover for 2021, it can be assumed that the XSR900 will also get a corresponding makeover.

A new delta-box aluminum frame was used for the MT-09, in which a new three-cylinder engine with 889cc was also transplanted. One can assume that the XSR900 should also benefit from the lighter frame and more powerful engine.

4 kilograms of weight could be saved on the MT-09. Through the new engine, the power increased at the same time by 4 hp.


Announcement pending

When a new XSR900 will be announced is still open. Although from 01.01.2021 in the European area the Euro5 standard applies and the old model would thus no longer be eligible for registration, by an exemption old stocks may still be sold and then also be registered.

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