The long overdue new edition of the KTM 450 SMR was presented. The Supermoto racer is described as the pure embodiment of the corporate philosophy "READY TO RACE".

The long overdue new edition of the KTM 450 SMR was presented. The Supermoto racer is described as the pure embodiment of the corporate philosophy “READY TO RACE”.


The drive

The 450cc 4-stroke engine is known from the 450 SX-F and delivers 63 hp, while the engine weighs only 27 kg. The SOHC cylinder head was designed quite compact. Underneath is a light aluminum cylinder with a bore of 95 mm. The piston weighs 320 grams and provides strong torque. A high quality connecting rod allowed long service intervals of 100 hours.

A 44 mm throttle body from Keihin ensures precise throttle response, while the engine management system implements the driver’s personal needs in terms of characteristic curves, launch control and traction control. A special air filter box helps the engine deliver its power explosively but controllably, to instantly respond to the driver’s commands.

When placing it in the frame, the centralization of masses was taken into account to achieve an optimized driving behavior.



The frame is made of chrome-molybdenum steel, which was welded by robots for precision and quality reasons. The torsional stiffness and flexibility of the frame has been adapted to the intended use of the KTM 450 SMR.

The triple clamp was CNC-milled and has an offset of 16 mm. This allows the handlebars to be fixed in three different positions. You can also adjust the wheelbase, which allows the light cast swingarm.


Chassis and equipment

The front is damped by a WP XACT fork with 48 mm diameter, AER technology and split construction. The mid-valve damping system is intended to further enhance performance. At the rear, a lightweight XACT shock absorber from WP Suspension works, which is fully adjustable.

The brake components come from Brembo. In the front a 4-piston radial brake caliper with radially bolted brake cylinder and a floating 310 mm brake disc is used.


The coolers are made of robust aluminium and are designed for maximum efficiency. They have also been positioned to contribute to mass centralization.

The tank holds 7 liters. The fuel line was installed “deep inside the bike” to protect it from damage during racing.

ALPINA’s tubeless 16.5/17 inch Supermoto wire spoke wheels were covered with Bridgestone slicks. A 5-speed gearbox from PANKL Racing Systems transmits the engine’s power to the rear wheel. The KTM 450 SMR is equipped with a gear detection sensor that selects the appropriate characteristic curve for each gear. Of course, an anti-hopping clutch is also included.


The data of the KTM 450 SMR:


  • Gearbox – 5 gears
  • COOLING – Liquid cooling
  • STARTER – electric starter
  • HUB – 63.4 mm
  • DRILLING – 95 mm
  • CLUTCH – Suter multi-disc clutch in oil bath, Brembo hydraulics
  • HUB ROOM – 449.9 cm³
  • EMSKeihin – EMS
  • TYPE – 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
  • LUBRICATION – Pressure lubrication with 2 oil pumps



  • TANK CONTENT (CA.) – 7 l
  • rear brake disc diameter – 220 mm
  • BRAKE FRONT – Disc brake
  • Rear brake – disc brake
  • CHAIN – 5/8 x 1/4″
  • FRAME CONSTRUCTION – double loop central tube frame 25CrMo4 steel
  • FLOOR FREEDOM – 290 mm
  • Rear suspension – WP XACT shock absorber with deflection
  • SEAT HEIGHT – 890 mm
  • Rear spring travel – 166 mm
  • spring travel 166 mm
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