To mark the 50th anniversary of the 100-mph lap record on the Isle of Man TT (the first time that the round of the Mountain Course was run at an average speed of 100 mph), Dunlop launches a retro tire, which was inspired by the then production tire.

New Dunlop retro tire on the ClassicTT

The Dunlop TT100GP Radial will make its European debut on the Isle of Man, at the Classic TT. The motorcycle tire was designed for the currently fastest growing motorcycle segment in Europe, the retro sports roadster market. So it is intended for motorcycles such as BMW R NineT, Yamaha XSR, Kawasaki Z900RS or similar.

Previously, Dunlop recommended the RoadSmart III if the machines were used more for touring, or the SportSmartTT if used also on the track. With the Dunlop TT100GP Radial now even those can be satisfied, which in addition to good driving characteristics an authentic look, that fits the image of the motorcycle, is important.

Dunlop combines the classic tread pattern with modern tire technology to harness the sporty performance of a modern retro bike. For this purpose, the profile pattern has been slightly revised in comparison to the 50-year model. Under this is now a modern radial carcass structure, which should convey a good feeling and confidence.

Dunlop 200/55 ZR17 (78W) Sportsmart MK3 Rear M/C Motorradreifen*
  • Dunlop reifen
  • Dieses Ersatzteil entspricht in Bezug auf die Leistung dem Originalteil. Die Qualität des Ersatzteils entspricht in vollem Umfang den Anforderungen der Automobilhersteller.
  • Wählen Sie Ihr Fahrzeug in der Auswahl aus, um die Kompatibilität mit dem Produkt zu überprüfen.

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