New and radical – Yamaha MT-09 SP

After the presentation of the new MT-07 and MT-09 for 2021, the more stringent MT-09 version with the designation SP will follow. It will benefit from advanced technology, exclusive components and a special paint finish.


Extended technology

In addition to the technical features of the MT-09, the SP also gets a Cruise Control System, which can be activated from a speed of 50 km/h and from fourth gear. The speed that the system should automatically maintain can be set in 2 km/h steps using the controls. If it is necessary to change the stored speed in a larger range, this can also be accelerated by holding the switch.

The upside-down telescopic fork is from KYB, has a diameter of 41mm, is DLC coated and is fully adjustable in both rebound and compression. You can also adjust the damping for high and low speed separately.

The shock absorber was made by Öhlins. It is also fully adjustable in compression and rebound. For a quick and easy adjustment you can change the preload with a remote control adjuster.


Visual upgrade

The MT-09 SP for 2021 comes in the colour scheme “Icon Performance”, the well-known blue-black look. The colour scheme is intended to underline the exclusivity and remind of the R1M. As there is also a close connection in terms of technology, this is to emphasise the sporty character of the MT-09 SP.

The seat is decorated with double contrast seams, which suggests a high-quality finish.

The swingarm has a specially brushed and anodised surface. Together with further details like the yellow spring of the shock absorber, the black anodised handlebars, the black levers, the two dark brake fluid reservoirs and the black chain wheel, a noble but also sporty look is to be created.


The delivery for the European market will start in March 2021. The RRP for Germany is 11.599 Euro plus 400€ manufacturer’s additional costs.


Technical highlights of the MT-09 SP

Specific features of the MT-09 SP:   

  • Special Icon Performance paint finish based on the R1M
  • Cruise Control System
  • Premium KYB® fork
  • Öhlins shock absorber
  • Seat with double contrast stitching
  • Anodised brushed aluminium swing arm
  • lever, handlebar and chain wheel black anodised
  • Dark brake fluid reservoirs front and rear


Features of MT-09 and MT-09 SP:   

  • New, EU5-compliant 889cc in-line three-cylinder DOHC engine
  • More power at all engine speeds
  • 7% increase in maximum torque at low speed
  • Increase of the maximum power by 4PS
  • New 2.3kg lighter Deltabox frame made of die-cast CF aluminium
  • Reduction of the wet weight by 4kg to 189kg
  • Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling
  • New lightweight aluminium swingarm
  • Uncovered MT styling of the new generation
  • Premium quality throughout, with Crystal Graphite frame
  • Full LED lighting with Y-shaped characteristics, front and rear
  • New Quick Shift system for shifting up and down
  • Improved A&S coupling
  • Light and compact new 6-axis-IMU
  • Slope dependent driver assistance systems: TCS, SCS and LIF with three intervention modes
  • AB- and Brake Control System (BC)
  • D-MODE selectable driving modes
  • New ultralight SpinForged 17 inch wheels in 10 spoke design
  • Larger 180/55-17 rear tyre with 120/70-17 front tyre
  • 5 inch TFT colour instruments, controllable by handlebar switch
  • Radial front master cylinder, 298mm double discs

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