Motorcycle Fair Friedrichshafen “Motorcycle World Bodensee” 2015

The 2015 season starts with a highlight in the season. As can be seen in the picture above is offered at the show some action!

[sam id=2 codes=true]Burnouts, trial demonstrations, Stuntridershows The motorcycle show in Friedrichshafen, the motorcycle world Bodensee, offers not only rigid exhibit space. You even can sometimes pull on the cable

Motorcycle fair motorcycle world Bodensee turns on the gas

From 23 – 25 January 2015 you can see a lot around the two-wheeler on show in Friedrichshafen. More than 250 exhibitors are ever lust for the new season. The show requires, among other motorcycles, scooters, quads, trikes, accessories, spare parts and clothing scene.

The motorcycle world World Bodensee offers some program with special shows. Test track (EIGHT COURSES are offered – we can not even lay a hand on one or the other machine), Sunt demonstrations and show Racings are just a part of it.

The Tourist Trophy (TT) of the Isle of Man will also be a special topic. More than 100 years of racing history of the “most dangerous motorcycle race in the worldare illuminated.

The Best Bike Award” relies on extravagance and individuality. Mechanics will be on Customizing the Mechanics competition have their joy.

More than 20 years but the first time

The motorcycle World Bodensee for more than 20 years an established in southern Germany and in the triangle. This is due to the unique combination of product show with the innovations of the coming season and the spectacular setting program that invites you to join in and tenterhooks,” explains Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen.

Still, I must admit to be‘ve never been there. Why I do not know. What you can see in the pictures, is expecting a lot. I look forward to it already. A detailed report will follow, of course with lots of video footage.

Special show to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT)

Current and former driver (such as Helmut Dähne and Dieter Braun) will be present and available for interviews and questions. One or the other story of the TT is to also get to hear that. I‘m already curious who will be there, because unfortunately accurate is not yet known. But I expect already times with Horst Saiger!

Original equipment of the TT will be exhibited in the West Foyer. In the motorcycle world cinema in Hall A2 can see the report On edge” with Guy Martin and the official review of 2014. There are also quite unpublished material.

Looking back on the 2014 I have not yet seen, but is normally always worth seeing. On edge” I would like to highly recommend to anyone! The report is really well done and just fun! Above all, here you learn the bird” Guy Martin quite well know (and love).

 Custom bikes at the “Best Bike Award”

[sam id=2 codes=true]The Cusomizer can be found in the East Foyer. Out-of-ordinary modifications, special designs and flashy finishes are the focus of the new area and will be presented at the customizing stage. Winners will be tricked Motorcycles Best Bike Award” during the fair.

But the decisive factor is not only the beauty of the machine, the jury awarded the craziest, most individual and most original conversions to the motorcycle.

Each participant will receive free, professional photos of himself and his bike and a free presentation space at the fair.

The winner may, in addition to the trophy, looking forward to a stay in biker hotel Schwabenhof im Allgäu. The runner-up receives an airbrush voucher of 200 euros. A 100 gift certificate each country motorcycle motorcycle business Haller goes to the third place. Applications may be submitted at any under

Stunt Rider, Stunt Shows, supermoto race, Trike Drifting

In the halls A5 and A6 action is necessary. Chris Pfeiffer (multiple World and European Champion of Stuntriding) and Chris Rod show what is possible on two wheels. It seems as if they would repeal the laws of physics.

To the fastest laps is what the Supermoto race. The smell of rubber spoiled when a trike drifting. Sounds go after a lot of fun!

 8 courses for the wish to enjoy the driving itself again

Whether for new drivers, professionals or beginners, there’s something for everyone. A driving school course allows also to drive without a license. New Releases, electric motorcycles or quads can be tested.

For experienced riders or those who want to become one, there is a skill-drive and a curve workout with the inclination coach. This is not necessarily everyone. In my report from the Getting Started, you can read about that. The coach also inclination the correct Hang off can be practiced and can grind the knee on the ground.

For kids there is a motorbike and quadcourse. This leaves nothing to be desired

That was not all

On Saturday, it‘s Ladies Day. The first 500 visitors will receive a gift. On the Action Stage tell motorcyclists about their hobby, their passion and why woman should have a motorcycle in the garage.

Daily fashion show is presented three to four times. I‘m now just assume presented from that motorcycle apparel is

The travel market Bikers Welcome” provides inspiration, offers and hotels to make the best time of year on the bike unforgettable. Make destinations such as Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Caucasus and Africa and the United Kingdom in Hall B2 feel like it, explore foreign countries with the bike.

Opening times and Prices

The motorcycle World Bodensee runs 23 to 25 January 2015 (Friday – Sunday). Friday 11-19 clock, Saturday 10 to 18 clock and Sunday 10-17 clock. The day ticket costs 11 , reduced 9 . Children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years are charged 5 euros. The family ticket is available for 25 euros. On Friday of the Fair there is a “Special Evening“: from 16 clock entry costs 6 euros, with free parking. Online tickets for 9.50 euros are now available on the internet.
For more information on

I’m looking forward to the show and maybe we’ll see you there.

Motorrad-Messe Friedrichshafen Motorradwelt Bodensee 2014
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