Motorcycle legend Ian Hutchinson suffers a stroke during a bike ride in Spain and is rescued by British Superbike rider Jason O'Halloran. Hutchinson, known for his impressive career with 16 victories at the Isle of Man TT, has experienced ups and downs, including serious crashes and injuries.

Unfortunate incident in Spain

Ian Hutchinson, a legend in motorcycle racing, recently posted on his social media about a sudden cstroke he suffered while on a bike ride in Spain.  He used this platform to express his heartfelt thanks to Jason O’Halloran, the British Superbike rider, for his life-saving assistance.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old Hutchinson is on the road to recovery.  In his message on Instagram, he addressed O’Halloran, who was immediately on hand to provide first aid: ” Had a stroke while cycling in Spain two weeks ago. Jason [O’Halloran] saved my life. All good now. Thank you more than I can ever believe mate.“  O’Halloran responded to the words of the record Isle of Man TT winner, calling him a “tough guy.”


Hutchinson’s impressive career at the Isle of Man TT.

Ian Hutchinson has claimed 16 victories at the Isle of Man TT during his career.  He also holds the record for most races won within a single Isle of Man TT event since 2010.  He secured first places in the Senior, Superbike, Super Stock and both Supersport categories – a record that no one else has achieved to date.


Ups and downs in Hutchinson’s career

In 2010, however, Hutchinson’s wave of success was halted by a serious crash in the Supersport race at the Silverstone circuit.  After a first-lap accident involving several riders, he was hit by another motorcycle that literally crushed his left leg.  As a result, doctors struggled to preserve his leg.  Hutchinson didn’t let it get him down, however, and returned to the Isle of Man TT in 2011, where he took part in a number of exhibition races.

Back in 2015, Hutchinson enjoyed further success at the Tourist Trophy.  He won both Supersport races as well as the race in the Superstock category.  He repeated this success in 2016, and in 2017 he triumphed again in the Superstock class.  Unfortunately, he injured himself in a crash during the Senior TT and broke his left thigh.

With his 16 Tourist Trophy victories, Hutchinson, also known as the “Bingley Bullet,” ranks fifth on the all-time leaderboard behind Joey Dunlop (26), John McGuinness (23), Michael Dunlop (21) and Dave Molyneux (17).  Last year he narrowly missed out on another top-3 finish in the Superbike TT race.


We send Ian Hutchinson our best recovery wishes and hope to see him back on the bike soon.


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Ian Hutchinson
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