As previously reported, 23-time TT winner John McGuinness is considering changing the racing team for 2020. There are some disagreements with Norton, even if he is still under contract.

For this reason, the separation must also be arranged with Stuart Garner, the CEO of Triumph. However, both sides have already signaled that they are open to a separation and are already looking around for other options.


John McGuinness has now also admitted that not many other teams are asking to work with him in the moment. It seems to be difficult for him to find a new team. The reason for this may be his serious injury after the fall at Noth West 200 2017. It wasn’t until 2018 that he was able to compete in road races again.

Most recently, he drove for PBM-Ducati at the Macau road race. However, there was a breakdown in the warm-up lap of the race, which caused it to fail. The training went very well and McGuinness says very clearly that he has found his mojo again.


Because of the lack of demand at the moment, he is not worried yet, there is still some time left.


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