Maverick Vinales suspended

Maverick VINALES (SPA)Movistar Yamaha MotoGPYamahaMotoGP Test Valencia 2018 (Circuit Ricardo Tormo)14-15.11.2017photo: MICHELIN

Maverick Vinales will not take part in this weekend’s race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria as he has been suspended by Yamaha. A replacement rider will not compete.


Trying to destroy the engine?

Yamaha announced Thursday afternoon that they have withdrawn the nomination for Vinales for the AustrianGP. The reason given is “an unexplained, irregular operation of the motorcycle by the rider, during the last MotoGP race”.

Behind the somewhat difficult wording are alleged attempts by Vinales to ruin the Yamaha’s engine. He is said to have repeatedly chased the engine into the rev limiter in the last two laps of the last race, as well as on the way to the pits. The M1 engine could have been damaged as a result. In the worst case, the engine could blow up, which would have led to a loss of oil and a significant risk of crashing for Vinales himself, but also for other riders.


What happens next?

How it will continue between Vinales and Yamaha is currently still open. The factory contract, which was originally valid for 2022, was terminated some time ago at Vinales’ request.


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