The well-known crash pads are a classic at LSL. Modern motorcycles and their mostly angular design have now led to offer a correspondingly sharper drawn product.

The new crash pads GONIA emphasize the dynamics of the motorcycle through straight lines. As in the classic pads, the central element is a shock-absorbing plastic insert embedded in a aluminum shell.

Due to the rising contour of the head on the crash pad hooking in road edges jumps, such as manhole cover, to be effectively prevented.


The black insert should act as a skid to hold the motorcycle in direction after a fall. The plastic previously damps the impact and brakes the vehicle by the increased coefficient of friction.

The pads are designed in such a way that only the through-dyed plastic scratched on light slides. This is separately exchangeable as a spare part.


The aluminum outer shell is available in different colors (black, silver, red, gold, blue or green anodized or red, orange or white) or in a carbon look.


product features

  • Crash Pad GONIA in ten colors and different surfaces
  • Can be combined with more than 150 assembly kits for a variety of motorcycle models


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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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