In a video Kymco announces the presentation of an electric motorcycle on the Eicma. One can not see it in the video, however. Anyone who remembers the Kymco concept bike “SuperNEX” last year, will certainly listen.

The teaser picture shows a motorcycle sketch. One can see a handlebar, the cockpit and a sleek, high tail, which is equipped with two taillights that are reminiscent of the Ducati Diavel. As with the SuperNex, it will be an electric motorcycle, which is equipped with a manual transmission and clutch. One wants to create thereby the symbiosis of new technology and the typical motorcycling feeling.


The announcement video only shows people who are see the new model. The reactions are all positive, but in a teaser video for the “own product”, this must not be surprising. People are talking about the future being “green”, great acceleration, high-tech, high quality and good handling. Since one can not judge all this with the help of a video, only the wishes of different people in relation to a motorcycle are listed here.


The mention of the great sound puzzles something, since it is an electric motorcycle. The concept of the SuperNex, however, already had a sound module that has adapted the sound depending on the vehicle condition. During acceleration, the sound grew louder and brighter, duller when decelerating and quieter. Apparently they have managed to create a suitable sound for the RevoNex, but this will certainly remain a matter of taste …


LEDMOMO 3D Lampe Nachtlicht Stimmungslicht Tischlampen Motorrad*
  • LEDMOMO 3D Lampe Nachtlicht Stimmungslicht Tischlampen Motorrad

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