Rumors of an upcoming Kawasaki ZX-4R have been around for some time.  The rumors thicken more and more, even if the presentation on 10/01/2022 remained out.

For some time there have been rumors about an upcoming Kawasaki ZX-4R.  Now Kawasaki America has announced a presentation for February 1, 2023.   Will the ZX-4R be unveiled on that day?


After alleged initial sightings during test rides, registration documents have surfaced in the Americas.

The documents refer to a Kawasaki ZX400 PP and ZX400 SP, which are to be powered by a 399cc four-cylinder.  Although the release of the ZX-4R for the European market was previously considered unlikely due to the strict emission regulations, there is now even talk that such a release should not even be a problem.  The emission values stated in the documents should be sufficient for Euro 5 approval. 

This is all still a rumor, and even regardless of the emission values, it is not yet known whether Kawasaki will even release the motorcycle in Europe.  Currently, there is no announcement in this region for an early February presentation.


The concept of the 400cc ZX-25R

The Kawasaki ZX-25R has only been released in the Asian market and New Zealand due to various emissions regulations.  At its heart is the 249cc in-line four-cylinder that produces 50 hp at 15,500 rpm.  With Ram-Air even one horsepower more.  For this, the red zone of the tachometer only starts at 17,500 rpm.

A similar concept is to offer Kawasaki also with the coming ZX-4R, if one may believe rumors.  The frame, swingarm and most of the bodywork are said to come from the ZX-25R.  Around 80 hp would be well within the realm of possibility.  The legendary ZXR-400 from the 90s delivered 65 hp and could be rushed over the country roads extremely sporty thanks to the development for racing.  Modern technology, a modern racing-suited chassis and a full power increase, with presumably even less weight, could go a whole step further here.  However, it remains to be seen to what extent the updated emissions regulations will put the brakes on all this again and whether these will even prevent a release on the European market.


Already seen on test rides?

The Japanese motorcycle magazine Young Maschine is said to have already been leaked pictures of the ZX-4R during test rides.  Some time ago they already reported that the upcoming 4 Series should be visually oriented to the current 10 Series.  The erlönig pictures are to have confirmed that.


Presentation already on February 1?

Kawasaki America has published a teaser image on social media announcing the unveiling of new models for Feb. 1, 2023.  The picture shows four machines covered with tarpaulins.  Allegedly, it is about two watercraft and two motorcycles, which models will be presented is currently still unclear.  It is quite possible that one model will be the Kawasaki ZX-4R.  


Article from 08.08.2022 – Update from 27.09.2022 – Update from 05.01.2023 – Update from 23.01.2023


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AI-generated images of the upcoming Kawasaki ZX-4R.

We fed our AI with the data of the upcoming Kawasaki ZX-4R to find out how it might look like.  The result was the following picture gallery.  How far these are from reality, or how close the one or the other design might be, remains to be seen.  Until then, the gallery should simply inspire our imagination.

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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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Letzte Aktualisierung am 2023-01-04 / *Affiliate Links / Bilder von der Amazon Product Advertising API  

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