The Z900 and Z650 get an update for 2020.


In addition to the appearance of the spring elements of the Z900 were revised. There are four riding modes that determine the power and traction control. The TFT color display with a diagonal of 10.9 cm has a smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth. The Lights completely use LEDs.

The exhaust system has been revised and should provide a powerful sound. In addition, the Euro 5 standard is now being fulfilled.

There will also be two versions in 2020, one with 92.2 kW (125 PS) and the other with an A2-capable 70 kW version, which may then be throttled down to 35 kW.

The service intervals have been extended to 12,000 km.



The new Z650 is prepared for Euro-5. For this, changes have been made to the intake system and the exhaust system. The changes are said to have resulted in higher mid-range torque and a rugged sound.

The Z650 also gets the 10.9 cm TFT color display. For rides with pillion, the seat was padded stronger.


Both models can be paired with the Kawasaki Rideology App.



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Kawasaki Z900:

Kawasaki Z650:

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