The Kawasaki Eliminator 400 is a new affordable cruiser unveiled at the Osaka Motor Show.  An SE version offers additional features.  Availability in Europe is still unclear.

The unveiling of the Kawasaki Eliminator 400

This year’s Osaka Motor Show was the scene of the unveiling of the Kawasaki Eliminator 400, a brand new cruiser model for 2023.  Kawasaki is known for making affordable and accessible cruisers, like the Vulcan S 650 currently available in Europe.  With the introduction of the Eliminator 400, there will soon be another option in Asia, though it remains to be seen if the motorcycle will make its way to the European market.


Technical details and equipment of the Eliminator 400

The Eliminator 400 shares the 398 cc inline two-cylinder engine with the Z400 and Ninja 400, so we can expect a power output of around 49 hp (35 kW, 48 hp) at 10,000 rpm and torque of around 38 Nm (28 lb-ft) at 8,000 rpm.  However, it is likely that Kawasaki will tune the engine slightly differently for this model to provide more low-end power.

The Eliminator 400 differs in a few ways from the Vulcan S.  For example, it has an all-new tubular steel frame, steel-section double-sided swingarm with twin shocks and 41-section front forks.  For the brakes, single discs and two-piston calipers were chosen at the front and rear.  The seat has a height of 735 mm.  The Eliminator has a suspension travel of 120 mm at the front and 90 mm at the rear, it has a wheelbase of 1,520 mm, a steering head angle of 60 degrees and a trail of 121 mm.  The gas tank holds 12 liters.

The motorcycle also features an LCD display and LED lighting all around.  The weight is stated at 176 kg.


Eliminator 400 SE with additional features

A higher-end SE version of the Eliminator 400 is also offered.  This features bellows on the fork, a USB Type-C port, a more elaborate seat, and a GPS-compatible driving recorder from Mitsuba Sankowa that pairs with two cameras on the bike – one in front and one in back – to record the ride in a sort of “dashcam” style.  The whole thing works out to an extra 2 kg in weight.


Prices and availability

In Japan, the Eliminator 400 will retail for around ¥759,000, which is about €5,400 or $6,000.  The Eliminator SE will cost the equivalent of about €6,000 there.  Whether the bikes will come to Europe is currently unclear.



The Kawasaki Eliminator 400 is a brand new cruiser model from Kawasaki that was unveiled at this year’s Osaka Motor Show.  With its affordable price and easy accessibility, it could be a good choice for cruiser fans, especially in Asia.  The Eliminator 400’s technical details and features differ from the Vulcan S, including a new frame, suspension and swingarm, as well as brakes and lighting.  A higher-end SE version of the Eliminator 400 will also be offered, with additional features such as a GPS-compatible driving recorder and a waterproof USB socket.  Although it is still unclear if the bike will be available in Europe, it potentially offers another affordable cruiser option for motorcycle enthusiasts.


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