Mo'Cycle has developed the world's first motorcycle airbag jeans and received the Road Safety Innovation Award for them.  The jeans combine high-strength textile fabric with an airbag system that protects hips and thighs.  They are comfortable, water-repellent and abrasion-resistant, and feature a mechanical release belt that connects to the motorcycle.

Mo’Cycle wins prestigious road safety innovation award in France

The French government has awarded Mo’Cycle, the company behind the world’s first commercially available motorcycle airbag jeans, the novel Road Safety Innovation Award.  The young company is overjoyed with this recognition.

Initial tests of the innovative pants were successfully completed back in 2021, and since then Mo’Cycle has worked hard to improve the product and make it ready for the market.


Development history and technology of the airbag jeans

The idea for the Airbag Jeans originated back in 2016 in Sweden, and since then Mo’Cycle has been continuously working on the development of this innovative motorcycle clothing.  The Airbag Jeans combine a high-strength textile fabric (UHMWPE) with an airbag system that almost completely covers the hips and thighs area.  The UHMWPE upper is said to be 17 times stronger yet 8 times lighter than steel.  These features provide superior safety and comfort for motorcyclists.


Function, design and ease of use of the Mo’Cycle airbag jeans.

The airbag jeans provide protection in crashes and accidents while feeling as comfortable as regular jeans.  They are made of water-repellent, breathable and abrasion-resistant material that is suitable for everyday wear as well as for longer rides.  The airbag jeans are also reusable:  Simply change the CO2 cartridge and move on.  A mechanical release belt connects the pants to the motorcycle and activates the airbag when needed.  This simple but effective system provides a high level of safety without the use of electronics and algorithms.  Additional protection is provided by CE-certified protectors on the knees, which protect sensitive joints in the event of a fall.


Availability, pricing and options of Mo’Cycle airbag jeans.

Mo’Cycle’s airbag jeans are currently available for €445.  When combined with the airbag vest they also offer, the price is €799, which is currently a savings of €250 and €500 respectively compared to the future regular price.  The jeans will be available in three colors and in different sizes and fits to meet the different needs of motorcyclists.


International collaboration and support from the EU

The jeans are made in Italy, the airbag system in France, and the designers are from Sweden.  This international collaboration allows Mo’Cycle to benefit from the expertise of various industry leaders and develop a high-quality product.  The development has been funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement No. 824825), highlighting the importance and potential of this groundbreaking technology.


Future plans and outlook

Mo’Cycle plans to continuously develop the airbag jeans and expand the technology to other motorcycle apparel items.  With the receipt of the Road Safety Innovation Award and the successful crowdfunding campaign, Mo’Cycle faces a promising future.  The company aims to save lives on the road and improve the safety of motorcyclists worldwide.  The revolutionary airbag jeans are a big step in this direction and show that Mo’Cycle is on the right track.


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