Isle of Man TT Scoreboard stolen

The scoreboard of the Isle of Man TT at the start-finish line on Glencrutchery Road should be dismantled shortly and exhibited in a museum. Parts of the scoreboard were stolen now.


Track map stolen

Gone is the map of the 37.73 mile long course around the island. The route overview was printed on a plastic board. Due to the theft, the old course map, which was painted on wood, was uncovered. It is said that other parts of the scoreboard also disappeared, but these were not described in detail.

The police have started investigations.


Rusty steel and rotten wood

In the run-up to the event, the scoreboard was subjected to a check. The report showed that the steel construction was rusted and the wood was rotten. A further restoration was no longer profitable and too risky. Therefore, the old construction should go to a museum.


New scoreboard latest 2022

A provisional scoreboard will be set up for 2021, should the Isle of Man TT take place. Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, the carryout is not yet certain. At the latest starting from 2022 then again a durable solution is to be present. It is to become a combination of old and new technologies.  How exactly one may imagine this, however, was not betrayed yet.

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