Is a Kawasaki ZX-4R coming?

The Kawasaki ZX-25R, which was introduced in July 2020, caused a worldwide furor, even though it was only released on the Asian market and New Zealand. Now there are first rumors that Kawasaki is working on a ZX-4R.


Successor of the legendary ZXR400?

The ZX-25R was a real small super sports bike. Performance was the main focus of the engineering. The 249cc in-line four-cylinder produces 50 hp at 15,500 rpm. The red zone only begins at 17,500 rpm. Including Ram-Air, the output even increases by 1 hp.

Now there are first rumors, Kawasaki could work on a ZX-4R. It should be based on the ZX-25R. The displacement could be expanded by a larger bore. Piston and crankshaft would have to be changed accordingly.

This could give the legendary ZXR400 from the 90s a worthy successor. The ZXR400 was also designed for the best possible performance. The current Ninja 400 cannot take on the legacy of the ZXR400, as it is more of a daily driver that actually only looks sporty visually.


Worldwide launch?

If a ZX-4R really is in development, the chances of it being released in more markets could be greater than they were with the ZX-25R. The displacement size and likely power output would probably be better suited to the European market than that of the ZX-25R.


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