Is a Honda CBR300RR coming?

Rumors have been around for a long time and they are getting louder and louder, Honda is about to launch a CBR300RR.

Is a Honda CBR300RR coming?

The basis is the CBR250RR, which was first introduced in 2017 and is only available in the Asian market. It is a real small superbike with which in Asia in corresponding racing series is driven.

The 250RR delivers 38,7 hp, the 300 cc parallel twin engine is expected to have 45 hp. One also speaks of 28 Nm.

The Honda CBR300RR should be equipped with Ride by Wire and thus enable different driving modes. Keyless Go, anti-hopping clutch and Quickshifter are also associated with the CBR300RR.

So far one have to take it as a rumor, but maybe the YZF-R3 and Kawasaki Ninja 400 will get a serious and really sporting competition.

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Angebliche Bilder der kommenden Honda CBR300RR
Honda CBR2500RR 2017

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