Icon Motorcycles builds brand new Triton models in 2020

The classic from the 60s is revived. The original had a featherbed frame from Norton and the engine of the Triumph Bonneville, hence the name Triton.

The cult motorcycle is now getting a new edition. However, this is not a replica, but a reinterpretation from the Dutch company Icon Motorcycles. The motorcycle is then completely built by them, only the engine is purchased.

The motorcycle is created by hand. For the drive, however, the engine of a Bonneville is no longer used, but that of the Thruxton. The upcoming Triton will be equipped with a 900cc two-cylinder.


The driver may sit on a single seat covered with leather. The tank, the side covers and the fenders are made of aluminum.


Each copy of the Icon Triton is only made after a order and can be adapted accordingly to your own needs or wishes. Delivery of the first copies is scheduled for July 2020.


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