At the Tokyo Motor Show, at the end of the month, Honda will present the Riding Assist-e Concept.

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]A lot is not yet known but the self-balancing system should be installed, which I have presented a few months ago. By independent movements of the front wheel, the motorcycle incl. Rider is balanced in the stand or at slow speed, in order to prevent a tipping over.

The system is now installed in an electric motorcycle. Whether the system is a real added value for the average driver offers is questionable. For people with a disability, however, this system may make possible a motorcycle ride at all.


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The self-balancing system in a video:

Honda Riding Assist e concept 01

Honda Riding Assist e concept 02

Honda Riding Assist e concept 06

Honda Riding Assist e concept 03

Honda Riding Assist e concept 04

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