Honda may be planning a sporty CBR750R that could be based on the Hornet 750.  New patents and design hints point to a race-oriented seating position and possible competition with existing models.

Honda focuses on platform strategies

When Honda introduces a new motorcycle, you can almost place bets that this won’t be the only model based on that particular platform.  The Hornet 750, Honda’s latest bike, is no exception.  Even at its debut, it was rumored that there could be more in the pipeline.  And now there are growing indications that a sportier derivative is in the starting blocks.


The rumor mill is bubbling: New patents provide clues

While the recently surfaced patent application may seem unimpressive at first glance, it has a lot going for it.  The documents go into details such as the layout of the fuel tank, air filter box and electrical wiring, particularly in the area behind the handlebars.  But why would Honda file a patent for such mundane things?  Because it suggests that the company is working on a disguised motorcycle that uses the same base as the Hornet 750.


Design and engineering tweaks: What can we expect?

According to the documents, we could expect a bike with low-slung handlebars and a front fairing mounted on the frame.  As for the placement of the tank and air filter box, it seems that these have been optimized for a race-oriented riding position.  Comparing the patent sketches to photos of the Hornet 750, the elements blend seamlessly with the existing design, though the tank appears more compact, which makes sense for a sportier stance.


The market in view: Where does the potential CBR750R position itself?

It’s no secret that Honda is trying to gain a foothold with the Hornet 750 in market segments currently dominated by Yamaha’s MT-07 and Ténéré 700.  If patent applications are to be believed, the planned CBR750R could be positioned as a direct competitor to the Yamaha YZF-R7.


And what about a retro model?

Just in Japan, there is also talk about the possibility of a retro version.  The same elements could be used, such as a more compact tank and lower-slung handlebars, to create a semi-trimmed model in the style of the Hawk 11, which is already available in Japan.


Conclusion: plenty of room for speculation

The new patent filings have properly fueled the rumor mill.  It will be exciting to see which models Honda will ultimately present based on the Hornet 750.  What is certain, however, is that the versatility of the platform offers a wide range of possibilities.

Honda Patent 1
Honda may be working on a CBR750R based on the Hornet 3


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