Harley-Davidson wants to close plant in India?

According to media information, Harley-Davidson plans to close its plant in Bawal after almost ten years. According to Indian newspapers, this information comes from a person who was involved in preliminary discussions regarding the plant closure.


Poor sales figures make the market uninteresting

As previously reported, Harley’s new CEO will focus on the brand’s core business and will be focused on several motorcycle markets including North America, Europe and parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

Last fiscal year, only just under 2,500 units of the Street 500 and Street 750, which were built in India, were sold. In this year to june, only about 100 units have been sold, which makes India increasingly uninteresting for Harley-Davidson and is also the reason for the closure of the plant.


Street 500 and 750 will continue to be produced

At least for the American market, the Street 500 and 750 models will continue to be built. Production is to be transferred to America, although the models could be subject to punitive duties for export. Whether the models for the European market will also be built there, or whether they will be discontinued in order to avoid punitive duties after all, is not yet clear.


Warehouses to be cleared

In order to get the halls in India empty quickly, larger stocks are to be offered with considerable discounts. The halls and the assembly facilities are said to have already been offered to car manufacturers.

Harley-Davidson has not yet given an official statement.


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