Guy Martin continues to work on 300mph record

As previously reported, RoadRacer Guy Martin is working on a new record. He wants to reach a speed of 300 mph (about 483 km/h) with a motorcycle on a distance of one mile, from a standing start.


He has already done the first test rides and he reached a speed of 282 mph. This means he is only 18 mph short of his record.

His racing machine is a completely revised Suzuki Hayabusa. It was fitted with a full fairing to offer as little wind resistance as possible. The engine has been tuned to 830 hp.


Guy Martin: “It’s only 16 seconds, the whole thing is only 16 seconds. It is just gritting you teeth and trying to manhandle this monster down a mile track. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It’s just madness, it’s a wrestling match in every area, physically, mentally, everything.

… I can’t sleep for two days when I’ve been fast on that bike. 250mph is alright, but when I’ve been like 260mph or 280mph, I can’t sleep for two days. For two days, I’m wired”


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