Guy Martin: 300 mph within a mile

Although Guy Martin has turned his back on the Isle of Man, he is still a crazy petrolhead.

In 2019 he set some records, a speed record with a tractor, then one with a turbocharged Hayabusa and finally the Steve McQueen stunt from “The Great Escape”.


Guy Martin has spoken of his next project in an interview with The Times. He wants to reach the 300 mph mark (482.8 km / h) with a motorcycle within just one mile (1.61 km).

Motorcycle racer Bill Warner also tried to reach this acceleration in 2013, but failed due to a technical defect. Unfortunately, this also cost him his life.

Two years earlier he had reached a speed of 311,945 mph (502 km / h), but on a distance of 1.5 miles (2.41 km).


Guy Martin is aware that he might die trying. He hopes his family will be fine, no matter what the record attempt will be. He thinks that’s good if one have the right people around one. They accept it as it are or must be, with all the risks or opportunities involved.


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