Fuel Tank restoration in ASMR style

In a YouTube video lasting a good 10 minutes, it is shown how an old rusty tank is being restored. The whole thing was recorded in ASMR style.


ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and describes the experience of a tingling, pleasantly felt sensation on the skin. ASMR videos, however, are primarily about relaxation, which is to be achieved through special sounds.

The sound is recorded so that the focus is also on a specific sound. Noisy noises or ambient noise are not present or are largely faded out. 


The video of a tank restoration is recorded in this style. Nobody speaks or explains anything. Only the noises that occur during the restoration can be heard.

Maybe this is the right thing for mechanics, who have nothing to screw at the moment, to be able to fall asleep well?


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