In France in Villeneuve-le-Roi, a city near the Paris airport, is soon testing a so-called Noise Radar or noise protection camera. The technology registers the volume of passing vehicles. If the measurement exceeds a predetermined value, the camera takes a picture of the vehicle.

France is testing noise protection cameras

After that, it basically works the same way as with a speed violation. The license plate is matched with the police database and sent a fine. At least it should run like this in the future.

The device was developed by the company Bruitparif and consists of four microphones and a camera. Every tenth of a second an automatic measurement is triggered. By positioning the microphones can be determined exactly where the noise comes from. This is shown in color on the photo and thus it can be accurately assigned to the corresponding vehicle.

Currently, the legal situation in France does not allow such a device to be used to automatically monitor road traffic noise and send bus money. Even a test with it is not allowed so far. Bruitparif hopes for a corresponding change in the law during the autumn legislative period so that the trial can start. The corresponding amendment is considered safe.

The French government would like to test the device then for two years. Thereafter, among other things, the noise level will be determined, which triggers a photo and thus a fine.

In addition to Villeneuve-le-Roi, a noise radar should also be installed at Saint-Forget. It is a popular and winding motorcycle route near Paris. Two noise protection cameras are also planned for downtown Paris.

Interest in this technology exists in many countries. As reported, Switzerland is also working on a similar system.

Germany should also have a lot of interest, because here motorcycle noise is often taken as an excuse for track closures for motorcycles.

However, here is also the problem that so far there is no upper limit for traffic-noise. Each vehicle has its own individual noise limit (in certain driving situations), which would make the use of a corresponding system meaningless.

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Noise Radar

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