The Swedish company Regent Motorcycles wants to bring the “No.1” to market in 2020. Visually, the electric motorcycle is retro-oriented. It is strongly reminiscent of the Yamaha SR 500. Instead of a single cylinder, the No.1 is powered by an electric hub motor in the rear wheel.

Electric motorcycle with optics of the Yamaha SR 500

In the middle of the double-loop steel tube frame sits the 80 Ah battery, which should allow up to 150 km range.

The power is specified with 11 to 20 hp. The maximum speed should be 130 km / h. In addition to the engine brake, disc brakes on front and rear, of course with ABS, provide for deceleration. The lighting uses LED technology. The display in the cockpit is a touch screen and can also be used as a navigation system thanks to the built-in GPS.

The Regent No.1 should be available from May 2020 for 9,500 €.

  • Passform: Universal Fit
  • Part number: R-PHA-11_VE2-MC1_M

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