Ducati Streetfighter V4 for 2021 in friendly black

DU 2020-07-21 1715 STREETFIGHTER

Already in November the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S in the color scheme “Dark Stealth” will enter the showrooms. From 2021 it will also meet the Euro5 standard.

The friendly black complements the existing color variation Ducati Red, which will continue to be available. Dark Stealth is a matt black color that is intended to emphasize the aggressive side of the ultra-naaked bike.


Euro5-compliant update

All motorcycles in the Ducati Streetfighter series will meet the Euro5 emissions standard for 2021. The maximum power and torque values will remain unchanged. Only the revs at which the values are reached will change slightly.

The updated performance data are 208 hp or 152 kW at 13,000 rpm, which is 250 rpm later than the Euro4 version. The torque of 123 Nm is reached at 9,500 rpm, already 2,000 rpm earlier than the Euro4 model. The new setting in combination with the new exhaust system should make driving on winding roads even more pleasant. 


Changed technology, same optics

The exhaust system had to be reworked because of Euro5, but it still looks the same on the bike. The catalytic converter has grown by 10mm. By a new technology for the production one reaches now a still more efficient cleaning of the exhaust gases.

The length of the exhaust manifold of the rear cylinder bench has also been optimized to bring the catalytic converters to operating temperature more quickly. Compared to the Euro4 model, the manifold is 100mm shorter and the diameter has been reduced from 42mm to 38mm. As a result, the rear heat shield could also be made more compact.


Self-venting brake and clutch pumps

The new models are also equipped with new brake and clutch pumps that bleed themselves. The housing of the pumps has been designed to allow “natural” venting, so that you do not have to intervene in the system yourself if there is air in the circuit.

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  • Aus drei zusammengesetzten Fasern
  • System zur schnellen Demontage
  • Erweitertes Sichtfeld sorgt für optimale Sichtbarkeit
  • Farbloses, UV-behandeltes und Pinlock-prädisponiertes Display
  • Geliefert mit Dunkelrauchschirm 2D Serie

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