Ducati Multistrada V4 – further information and performance data?

Ducati has announced on their various websites the second thesis, which is to give hints about the upcoming Ducati Multistrada V4. In addition, the teaser picture was updated, but not in all countries.


New pictures

Up to now, the picture collage showed pistons, a street and a dried out floor. In the new collage, a picture of pistons was replaced by piston rods and the road with a kind of black sand.

Really more is not revealed. What is also new, however, is the thesis: “Vigorous, smooth, and always ready when it’s needed. For a unique, more “Ducati” character in the low, mid, and high range.”


Alleged 170 HP

According to media reports, the performance data of the engine are also published on the website of Ducati Italy. Allegedly it is supposed to have 170 HP. However, this could not be verified. Either it was only a rumor or it was removed from the homepage.


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